Foundered in 2008, Fortune Laurel has served both retail and food services customers for over 10 years. We do FTL and LTL domestic seafood wholesale as well as FCL international trade. We are trying our best to make the trade transaction more efficicient and envirementally friendly by arranging the logistics directly from source to the customers. By our lonterm long time partnership with farms, processing plants and customers around the globe, we are trying to reduce the cost as well as add values to your supply chain.

All our processors and packers are FDA registered and BAP/BRC/MSC and HACCP certified. We can do either FCL business or you can buy our USA inventory in pallets, depends on the item you are looking for. We offer vavious perrishable and non perrishable producuts includeing fresh and frozen seafood, live fish. We also have seafood processing by-products.

Please refer to following list.

Frozen  Tilapia, Sea Bass, Pollock, Salmon, Cod, Tuna, Frog Leg, Smelt, Toothfish, Whelk, Conch, Smelt,Shrimp
Fresh Tilapia
Live Tilapia fish
Value Added Breaded Shrimp
Seafood By-Products
Fresh / Frozen Fish Head, Fish Rack, Broken clams, Pogies

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